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ScyLogs - Instrument / Equipment Usage Logs


Maintain manual logs is tedious job for every organization So keeping this thought in Mind, we developed completely Web-Based (Browser Based) Solution which suits all departments of organisation


Tracking logs is a critical for all organizations, no matter its size. Having an automated software system in a place can help organizations to stay ahead with any regulatory audits. Software allows you to achieve greater productivity and control providing the optimal platform to advance your business

Avoid Errors

Human error is always a factor, software eliminates the possibility of errors, ensuring greater accuracy in tracking. Logs errors can affect an company’s trust and even loyalty of the company, Software is server based hence problems like time overlap , handwriting errors , data mismatch will be controlled

User Empowerment

Software users are able to access information from any pc of network and review online records, All type of logs of multiple years are available on figure tips , this feels employees more empowered and feel more flexible to work in a company.


Software helps From small single-site organizations to large multi-company enterprises, Software is highly scalable and will grow with you. Software can implement phase wise Depending on your business requirements, implement only what you need. ScyLogs will adapt to your changing business conditions.